Our Programs: Fall 2016 in review

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Reading of The Midnight Bird by Pergentino José Ruíz

On August 13, Libros Schmibros was proud to support indigenous literature in Los Angeles by hosting a trilingual reading of the short story “Midnight Bird” by its Mexican author, Pergentino José Ruíz, and its English translator and Libros Schmibros employee, Chris Ortega. Continue reading

Science Proves Reading to Kids Changes their Brains – Huffington Post – Newsletter – July 2016

It has long been known that reading to children helps their brains mature and grow; however, there has been recent evidence that reading actually changes the biology of children’s brains. Kids that grow up reading more actively tend to show greater brain activity in the areas that deal with visual imagery and narrative comprehension. The earlier the better when it comes to reading with kids, and likewise, the more frequently the better.

Science Proves Reading To Kids Really Does Change Their Brains - The Huffington Post

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Cuentos en el Kiosko / Children’s Reading Hour – Newsletter – July 2016

In May, we launched the Children’s Reading Hour in the Kiosko at Mariachi Plaza. Two enthusiastic and charismatic professional children’s librarians, Celia Avila and Alicia Rodriguez, volunteered to read to local children in both English and Spanish.

Celia Avila opened her first book and began, “Era un dia muy agradable y el mono Macario estaba de lo más tranquilo cuando…”  She then summarizes in english,“So the little monkey ‘Macario’ is taking a nap and resting…”  “Chof! Can you say Chof?” She asks the audience of children gathered around her.  “Chof!” They respond in unison, echoing inside the kiosko of Mariachi Plaza.  She continues,“Quien ha sido, quien me ha tirado la caca?” The crowd bursts into laughter. Continue reading

Video: Cuentos en el Kiosko (Children’s Reading Hour) – June 26th 2016

Librarian Celia from the East Los Angeles Public Library led last Sunday’s Cuentos en el Kiosko / Children’s Reading Hour.  Kids got to jump and stretch while reading at Mariachi Plaza.

Join us July 31st for the next Children’s Reading Hour, at the kiosk in front of Libros Schmibros, on Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights. Ages 5-10, parents welcome, FREE.  Help us spread the word to families with children, but without access to social media.


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Proudhon & Property – 4 PM April 24th – Political Philosophy Reading Group

Proudhon - What is Property? - Political Phiolsophy Reading Group - April 2016

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon   (Click on the image to download an excerpt, which we’ll be discussing at the meeting.)

“Property is the suicide of society. Possession is a right; property is against right. Suppress property while maintaining possession, and, by this simple modification of the principle, you will revolutionize law, government, economy, and institutions; you will drive evil from the face of the earth.”

–Pierre-Joseph Proudhon,
What is Property? (1840)

The next meeting of the Political Philosophy Reading Group is  4 PM April 24th, 2016 at Libros Schmibros Lending Library in Boyle Heights.

In our next meeting, we will discuss excerpts from Proudhon’s What is Property? Do you agree with Proudhon’s arguments against private property?

Download an excerpt for discussion at this month’s meeting

Full text, available at Gutenberg.org

Political Philosophy Reading Group: J. S. Mill – March 20, 2016 at 4 PM

J S Mill - Political Philosophy Reading Group - March 2016

Click on the image for a PDF of this week’s reading

Join the Political Philosophy Reading Group for civil and deep discussion of political ideas.

We will discuss excerpts from J.S. Mill’s Principles of Political Economy. Do you agree with Mill’s arguments about the government’s proper role in the economy and society? Come join the discussion, 4 PM Sunday March 20th at Libros Schmibros in Boyle Heights.

Click here for a PDF of this month’s reading.