Reading of The Midnight Bird by Pergentino José Ruíz

On August 13, Libros Schmibros was proud to support indigenous literature in Los Angeles by hosting a trilingual reading of the short story “Midnight Bird” by its Mexican author, Pergentino José Ruíz, and its English translator and Libros Schmibros employee, Chris Ortega. Continue reading

Meet the Libros Team : Introducing Chris – Newsletter – September 2016

Introducing Chris

Introducing Chris

Staff Wall: Chris
Hometown:  East Los Angeles

Chris has been a volunteer since 2015 and is also a member of our 2016 summer staff.

How are you?

Good and busy!

How many languages do you speak?

English, Spanish, and Spanglish (Spanglish is totally a valid language, what with all its different dialects and ever-evolving vocabulary…)

How did you first discover Libros?  

I was looking for Los Angeles bookstores online and found this quixotic independent library that offered free books to the community.  I came in and was so impressed that I wanted in, and now here I am.

What is one hidden gem in Libros Schmibros?  

We have a stellar art book section right in the front of the library, and hidden inside it is one of my favorite sub-subsections: the comic book/graphic novel section.  My pet project is to grow that collection into something even more beautiful, so if you have comics/graphic novels you want to donate please do so!

How would you describe Mariachi Plaza?

I like how there’s always strains of music in the air.

What book did you choose to keep when you first got your membership to Libros?  

I was very happy to grab a copy of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest on my first visit.  I’m working my way through it a little at a time, but that book is a beast.     Continue reading