Behind the Scenes @ Libros Schmibros! A Thank You!

Earlier this year, we wanted to show our gratitude to all the Boyle Heights folks who have made our signature programming possible with dinner and drinks.

We hosted the dinner just down the street from us at Casafina Restaurant and Cantina (we highly recommend it and it’s owned by local writer Josephina Lopez!) and enjoyed a great night of conversation! Each person also received a plaque as a thank you too!



Thank you to the following individuals who have made our signature programming possible:

– Alicia Rodriguez, Children’s Storytelling Hour

– Ceclia Avila, Children’s Storytelling Hour

– Mr. Matthew Ball, Young Writers Program

– Emory Holmes II, Young Writers Program

– Vickie Vertez, Roosevelt Parent Reading Group

– Daisy Cuellar, Roosevelt Parent Reading Group

Our signature programming includes:

– Children’s Storytelling Hour

– Young Writers Program

– Roosevelt Parent Reading Group



For more select photos, just click here to view our photo album.

In the meantime, Happy Indigenous People’s Day from Libros Schmibros!