Libros Schmibros ‘Young Writers Program’ comes back to Mendez High School

“Writing is not fun!” Emory Holmes jokingly declares.

Holmes, a published writer, understands writing can be hard but breaks it down (and makes it fun!) for students Mendez High School.

Over the next ten weeks, Holmes is visiting Mr. Ball’s screenwriting class as part of the fourth incarnation of Libros Schmibros: Lending Library’s #YoungWritersProgram, where Boyle Heights students learn about journalism and creative writing from published writers.

Their writing will be published at the end of the program and presented at a special event at Libros Schmibros with parents and community members in attendance.

Previously the ‘Young Writers Program’ has taken place with journalist Abel Salas at Roosevelt High School in Ms. Williams’ class, with poet Alex Espinoza at Roosevelt High School again in Ms. Williams’ class, and with Holmes at Mendez High School in Mr. Ball’s class.
Big thanks to Mr. Ball and his class! We can’t wait to see what the students publish!

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