Parent’s Reading Group at Roosevelt High School – UPDATE Spring 2017

Libros Schmibros proudly co-sponsors a reading group for parents of Roosevelt High School students. Last November, parents started reading Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Hummingbird’s Daughter, which follows the life of an extraordinary woman, Teresa Urrea, in pre-Revolutionary Mexico. They met twice a month, discussing the meaning of this epic novel and how it has changed the way they see themselves and the world.

Anji Williams, an English professor at Roosevelt High School, organizes and leads the reading group. She explained:

“Of all the beautiful things I’ve been involved in this year, I don’t know of any as gratifying as the work with the parents and Urrea’s The Hummingbird’s Daughter. In light of the current political situation, I feel that this particular group of women are empowered by the written word. It feels truly revolutionary, and, after all, at the start of a revolution, the first thing the new regime does is burn books. So here’s to reading and discussing books and ideas, and best of all, to finishing all 500+ pages of them!”

After finishing this book in March, the parent’s reading group began reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Libros Schmibros will continue to encourage reading in Boyle Heights and beyond among people of all ages!