Young Writers Program at Roosevelt High School

This fall, Libros Schmibros began the Young Writers Program at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights. To inspire a new generation of writers from Boyle Heights and neighboring communities, the program brings professional writers to the classrooms of local high schools to mentor students on developing their literary voices.

Our first writer to participate in the program is Abel Salas, founder and editor of Brooklyn & Boyle, a local monthly news, art and culture magazine, which focuses on the interests and accomplishments of Los Angeles’ Latino community. He has also published articles in the Los Angeles Review of Books, LA Weekly and other national publications. Abel has been working with Ms. Anji Williams’ journalism class on reviving Roosevelt’s student newspaper. Students have been excited to work with Abel, and they are currently writing stories that are meaningful to them and that speak to the concerns and interests of their community.

Libros Schmibros’ Young Writers Program will continue this winter with more writers working with local high schools. We hope to encourage students to become the next great reporters and novelists. The Young Writers Programs is one part of our continuing effort to promote reading and writing in the community by going beyond the confines of our library space.