Herbert Croly – Political Philosophy Reading Group – 4 PM July 10, 2016

Croly - Political Philosophy Reading Group - July 7, 2016

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In 1909, Herbert Croly argued growing inequality was destroying the American dream. Do you think his argument is valid for today?

Join us 4 PM Sunday, July 10 at Libros Schmibros on Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights to discuss excerpts from Croly’s The Promise of American Life:

“The existing concentration of wealth and financial power in the hands of a few irresponsible men is the inevitable outcome of the chaotic individualism of our political and economic organization, while at the same time it is inimical to democracy, because it tends to erect political abuses and social inequalities into a system.”

Download the reading here.

Full text at: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/14422