Proudhon & Property – 4 PM April 24th – Political Philosophy Reading Group

Proudhon - What is Property? - Political Phiolsophy Reading Group - April 2016

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon   (Click on the image to download an excerpt, which we’ll be discussing at the meeting.)

“Property is the suicide of society. Possession is a right; property is against right. Suppress property while maintaining possession, and, by this simple modification of the principle, you will revolutionize law, government, economy, and institutions; you will drive evil from the face of the earth.”

–Pierre-Joseph Proudhon,
What is Property? (1840)

The next meeting of the Political Philosophy Reading Group is  4 PM April 24th, 2016 at Libros Schmibros Lending Library in Boyle Heights.

In our next meeting, we will discuss excerpts from Proudhon’s What is Property? Do you agree with Proudhon’s arguments against private property?

Download an excerpt for discussion at this month’s meeting

Full text, available at