Heyday Party, Los Angeles Festival of Books

Libros Schmibros hosted a wonderful reading and party on the eve of the LA Times Festival of Books in honor of the release of Heyday Press‘s New California Writing 2011, edited by Gayle Wattawa. Readers included Beth Alvarado, Katherine Briccetti, Ellen Estilai, Cheryl Klein, Naira Kusmich, Ruth Nolan, Robin Rauzi, Brad Schreiber, and Rebecca Solnit. We feasted on tacos from our marvelous Guisado’s and honored Heyday’s patriarch Malcolm Margolin with our brand new Libros t-shirts and tote bags.  Get them while they’re hot!

Our tiny shop overflowed with almost sixty friends, and conviviality and bonhomie lasted until well after midnight. Lanterns and papel picados still flying high!