Check out what we’re checking out

One of the best parts of coming to Libros Schmibros is seeing what disparate books patrons will check out. Here – with her permission – is a pile of books checked out by Gabby, an Athletic Instructor in Montebello.



The World in Half
Dangerous Angels
The Latina’s Bible
Dancing with Cuba: A Memoir of the Revolution
Make Him Look Good
Friday Night Chicas
The Years with Laura Diaz
El Oro del Rey
Los Angeles: At the Center and at the Edge
La Muerte de Artemio Cruz
Fat Girl
The Host


In among the stack of books was a neat little history of protest posters in L.A., entitled “Los Angeles: At the Center & At the Edge.”


The book was about 40 pages long, with lots of gorgeous full-color photos of protest posters and signs.

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