You gotta have friends

We here at Libros Schmibros have been blessed with terrific volunteers. Thanks to their efforts, we’re looking considerably less bedraggled these days!

Bianca has helped organize our paperback classics. Becca has helped us tidy the K – M shelves. Ginny helps us re-shelve returned books. Michelle and Ben have helped add more books to our catalog. Denise has helped us organize our LibraryThing catalog – click “tags” to see some of our books organized by subject. And Andrew has helped us sort our paperbacks into two racks – one for sci fi and nonfiction titles, and one for pulp and thriller books.

Want to support Libros Schmibros as a volunteer? Check out our Support Us page for information about the kind of handy folk we’re hoping for. Or, check this blog in the coming weeks, as we’re hoping to host another Cataloging Bee soon, and could use friendly faces to help us add more books to our catalog.