Busy Bees

Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, more and more books are being added to our catalog. At this point, we’re up to the letter M! You can browse our partial though rapidly expanding catalog here.

Haven’t been by the shop lately? We’ve been tidying up! The bulk of our catalog is arranged alphabetically by author’s last name – both because it was the quickest way that our books could be arranged, and because it leads to promiscuous intermingling of books that wouldn’t ordinarily be shelved together, like the poetry of futurist Vladimir Mayakovsky, the thrillers of Ed McBain, and McSweeney’s magazine.

However! We have been adding genre shelves. Check out this beauty below!

We now have shelves dedicated to Californiana, children’s books, poetry, theater, graphic novels / comic books, paperback classics, film / TV, books in Spanish, and travel books.

Swing by and rifle through our stacks sometime. We’re asking for it.