Halloween Cataloging Party

Denise stacking books

Volunteer Denise, re-stacking books

Today, at Libros Schmibros, we had a small Halloween cataloging party. A handful of volunteers gathered together, had pizza, and added a few hundred more books into the Libros Schmibros catalog on LibraryThing.

Feel free to browse the catalog to check out what we have. But note that we have thousands and hundreds of books left to enter into the catalog.

So we’ll be doing this again! Please get in touch if you’d like to help out next time.

[I’m David Kipen and I approve this message.]

2 thoughts on “Halloween Cataloging Party

  1. What could be better than to spend a few hours surrounded by the best selection of books one might find in a used book store? I love them all… Iliad, Brand, Read Books…and now Libros Schmibros that offers the choice of buying or borrowing! I happened to wander in at the end of the “Halloween Cataloging Party” and wish I had been there all afternoon. Please host another event soon and I’ll be there with my laptop and a tray of cupcakes……Maya

  2. We were just down the street at LATC to see La Victima; had we known of this event we would have popped by! Please do keep us apprised of future events. We have meant to come and will do before too long. I keep getting sidetracked when running round town…

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